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 Welcome to The Lost Kingdom: Sonic RP

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Sky the Hedgefox

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PostSubject: Welcome to The Lost Kingdom: Sonic RP   Sun May 14, 2017 10:59 am

Welcome to TLKSRP, there are a few rules you need to follow, before roleplaying.

No spamming-Please do not spam, it fills up the forum and may cause the roleplay to go off topic.

Stay on topic please!-If you want to talk about different franchises, don't talk in the middle of a roleplay, make a different post and talk there.

Rated 13+-This forum is rated 13+, so only mild language is allowed! Don't talk about adult stuff, this is a kid-friendly forum!

Anti-bullying/trolling Zone!- No bullies here! If you are caught bullying someone, then you will be warned by a moderator to stop. If you carry on, then you will be told to leave the forum, permenantly. If you are caught being on the forum after having a permanent ban then a moderator will continue to warn you until you leave.

Only use 1 account-You don't need 10 accounts for each OC you have, just use one and make it clear when another OC is talking or doing an action.

You want another roleplay?-If you want to start a new roleplay make a new topic please!

Have fun roleplaying! Very Happy
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Welcome to The Lost Kingdom: Sonic RP
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